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Explorer HAT Pro

Explorer HAT Pro

$ 22.99

Explorer HAT adds several features to the Raspberry Pi to help with your projects. Analog inputs? 5V outputs and inputs? Motor drivers? Explorer HAT has you covered! 

All the Features:

5V Safe Inputs: Add 5V sensors to your project, since the Pi is 3.3V only.

5V Powered Outputs: Provide 5V and 1A (500mA per output) to almost any device, such as (but not limited to) stepper motors, relays, distance sensors, and LED matrixes!

Eight Capacitive Touch Inputs: These inputs will trigger when you touch any of them, similar to the screen on your smartphone. Use them as is, or connect anything conductive, such as fruit. 

Four Colorful LEDs: Four LEDs (red, green, blue, and yellow) are already built in.

Four Analog Inputs: Have your Pi sense temperature, distance, light, force, and anything else that can be sensed in the real world that doesn't report either an on or off signal!

Two H-Bridge Motor Drivers: Build a robot friend with your Raspberry Pi: Explorer HAT can spin motors forwards and backwards, at any speed you desire.

Easy to Learn Python Library: Pimoroni has created a simple, easy to learn Python library. It can be found here:



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