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About Us

Our Mission

PCs for Me was founded in 2013 with a passion for technology and educating others in computer science. Our goal is to teach kids about what is inside the machines they use everyday. When a kid uses a computer, they just surf the web and play video games. But they don't know how it works. PCs for Me takes you behind the scenes where you learn how to build your own computer. We give you the parts and instructions; you build and learn.

Why DIY?

We want to encourage STEM education to kids. STEM is the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. By assembling a computer yourself, you experience all four of these things. The technology part is, of course, the computer itself. The science behind it is how each part works. The engineering is the building part. Finally, the math is how all the parts communicate with each other by using ones and zeros, also known as bits. When you connect all the parts you will visualize how the information travels. By learning STEM, kids of all ages will develop logical thinking and be inspired to invent and create.

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